e’rybody’s all like “fandom’s where i found community and understanding and happiness’

and i’m in the corner like “fandom’s where i found my high blood pressure and an insatiable urge for murder”


I saw this cute girl at a coffee shop sitting all alone and I came up to her and asked her what she was drinking she told me “That’s none of your business” bitch I was trying to be fucking romantic and find love at a coffee shop

Fuck you and your fucking coffee

"Merry Christmas."

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*The man who took his beatdown in stride and said he loved witches.

*The man who was in New Orleans where his brother was already with a witch

*The man who came back and wanted to work with the witch who screwed him over

*The man who showed empathy to Bonnie’s death and didn’t make it about himself

*The man who looked like he would bang the shit out of Bonnie if he didn’t have an errand

just sayin….


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They will not have my dragons, Dany vowed. They will not.

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As requested by akemijo, eye rolling reaction gifs. Feel free to save and use these for text posts, ask box responses, whatever! However, please be sure not to repost or claim them as your own.

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henry cavill photographed by alex freund

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